Sea trout is an interesting fish to target. You will need to have some good baits so you can have a good fishing day. In this article, you will learn more about the best bait for sea trout.

Best Bait For Sea Trout: The Old Dalton Special

The old Dalton Special bait to catch sea trout

A line-art drawing of the old Dalton Special bait for sea trout caught in 1938, was the inspiration for the new lure. The original design had no color, but the shape was similar to the modern Rainbow plug. In 1938, it was too expensive for Dalton to make himself, so he contracted a wood-carving company in Michigan to create the new lures. The result was a product that could produce up to a million hooks per year.

The first version of the Dalton Special was introduced in 1951. These plugs had a cut-back nose which made them chug on the surface during the slow retrieve. A spinner blade at the tail created a splash that enticed predator fish to strike. This design is one of the most iconic surface lures, and it appeals to a wide range of fish. Shakespeare began producing thousands of them in a single year, and the baits soon reached the shelves.

The old Dalton Special bait is a traditional bait for catching sea trout. It is made from butterflied or filleted pinfish, and it is the perfect bait for catching sea trout. The fish are attracted to this bait, because it looks like a natural feeding fish. If you have a float and a net, you can try this bait either free-lined or under a float.

Boone Spinana

Boone Spinana bait to catch sea trout

When trying to catch sea trout, you might be wondering what to use as bait. Spawning is an excellent way to catch this delicate fish, and you can do it with just about any type of lure. In addition to artificial shrimp, you can also use live minnows or shrimp. The best bait to use for sea trout is a Boone Spinana. If you are new to the sport, you can even try a pink/chartreuse colored imitation, which is highly effective for catching these small fish.

One of the best baits for sea trout is the Boone Spinana. This type of fishing lure is made by the Boone Bait Company, which has been producing saltwater sportfishing lures for 60 years. They have gained a reputation for producing top-quality products that are backed by the industry’s most knowledgeable captains. They are also available in 65 countries around the world.

When choosing a bait for sea trout, you should keep in mind that different species prefer different types of bait. This will depend on where you plan to fish, but most of the time, live spinana will produce the best results. The Boone Spinana will also attract a variety of other species. When choosing a lure, you can also try a popper or popping cork. These will attract sea trout to the lure and will help you hook them.

Castana Bait

When fishing for sea trout, you should always use live bait. You can use castana fish or a jig head tipped with plastic trailers. While you’re casting, try to make a loud noise by popping the cork. This will attract the fish and attract them to the lure. If you can’t make a loud sound, use a small piece of jighead for the topwater lure. A pink/chartreuse color is a good choice.

When fishing for sea trout, you should use live bait to lure them to bite your lure. It’s best to use shrimp or pinfish because they’re small and very sensitive. If you’re fishing from a dock, a live shrimp or pilchard rigged with whitebait will work. Another great option is a GULP shrimp. If you don’t like live bait, you can also use a topwater plug.

Sea trout are cooperative and don’t mind your bait. The key to catching sea trout is to find where they feed. You’ll want to find where they’re feeding so that you can position your bait in front of them and hold on. If you’re successful, you’ll be able to catch much fish, including the coveted sea trout. So don’t waste any time trying to land a sea trout!


These baits are some of the best that you can find in the market. You can definitely try some before choosing what suits your style the most to catch sea trout.