Summer is an interesting season to fish for trout in. You can use some specific flies to catch trout. In this article, you will learn more about the best flies for trout in summer.

Best Flies For Trout In Summer: Betts Black Ant Fly

Betts Black Ant Fly to catch trout in summer

An ant fly is a great choice for summer fishing. Unlike other insects, ants do not fall into the water, so they have very little water resistance. During the summer, ant swarms are very common and can appear in huge numbers. Fortunately, this natural insect is very easy to mimic with a fly. A Betts Black-Ant Flies will make a good imitation of this insect that trout love to eat.

The Betts Black Ant Flies is an excellent choice for catching trout in summer. It is tied with a super-sharp Mustad hook and is perfect for pan-fishing, trout, and crappie. In fact, this fly is perfect for fishing anywhere ants are found. This is a very effective imitation of real fish food. The size, shape, and color are also ideal for this fly type.

During early summer, the weather is still warm, but that does not mean that you should forget to use a Betts Black Ant Fly. Many species of grasshoppers feed on the vegetation, so if you’re fishing for trout in late summer, try a worm imitation. A black ant fly imitating a caddis fly or stonefly will be an effective choice.

Micro Chubby Chernobyl

Micro Chubby Chernobyl  to catch trout in summer

Using the Micro-Chubby Chernobyl is an excellent fly for summer fishing. It is a very visible fly and is an excellent attractor. If you’re looking to catch more fish this summer, try using one of these patterns. Despite their small size, the micro-chubby is a proven pattern that is custom tied. Here’s how to use it.

A Chubby Chernobyl is a large dry fly that works well during the summer months in the western U.S. It is especially popular when fishing in yellow color, and it works well with most other types of dry flies. You can fish this fly as an indicator or a float. It also looks great when tied with a jig head for indicator fishing.

This fly mimics the action of big grasshoppers and stoneflies. The foam and hair construction makes it a dry fly that floats. The Chubby Chernobyl has been a staple in the Rockies for several years. It comes in a variety of colors, but yellow is a popular choice. The size of this fly will depend on the type of water you’re fishing in.

Using the Micro-Chubby Chernobyl for trout in summer can also be effective in riffles. This dry fly is a great alternative to indicators when it comes to fishing in late summer. It reaches the whole water column and can effectively replace a number of indicators. It’s a great pattern for a dry dropper rig. It’s an exciting fly that is very effective for summertime fishing.

Cutters Caddis

Cutters Caddis to catch trout in summer

The best fly pattern for catching trout in summer is the Cutters Caddis. This dry fly pattern comes in a variety of colors and profiles and can be tied with any material imaginable. The Cutter Yellow Sally has a spun deer hair abdomen and orange wings, modeled after the Elk Hair Caddis. Use size 14 on the Upper Madison River to catch trout during the months of July and August.

The two-tone body is deadly at the tail end of the caddis hatch and on warm evenings. If you fish during caddis season, try fishing the two-tone Caddis to get the most attention. It will be an excellent choice whenever it is warm and you’ll need an effective imitation. These flies also look great when fished on the driest rivers.

The Lower Deschutes River is stocked with blizzard caddis and the occasional nymph hatch. But now it’s summer, which means the blizzard caddis hatch has ended, leaving trout with a voracious appetite. These little bugs need thousands of caddis to stay alive and healthy. You’ll want to have some fun while fishing during the evening hours.


These are some of the best flies for trout in summer that you can find on the market. You can definitely try some before choosing what suits your style the most to catch trout in summer.