Many anglers wonder about the best Salmon Lures for Bank Fishing. In this article, we exactly answer this question. First, you will learn about the best rigs for salmon fishing. Second, you will have a better idea about the best Salmon lures for bank fishing.

Best Rigs For Salmon Fishing

The simplest rigging setup is to fish with a floating lead weight. This float is attached to the mainline with a snap swivel. Then, use a leader of about twenty to forty-eight inches, which you tie to one hook. Next, attach a drift bobber to the line above the hook, and then tether the drop line to it using a clinch knot.

The best salmon rigs will also allow you to use dual spreaders. These spreaders will rotate the baits, and you can use a bead chain and snap swivel. Using weight is a good idea, but you can also add a float. For sandy or rocky bottoms, use a pyramid-style weight. The dropline should be at least two feet long.

If you plan to fish salmon in clear, shallow water, a spoon or spinner will work well. Make sure to use a bright spinner or a spoon to get the most vibration. If you are targeting the deepest water, a lure with a spinning action is ideal. A large flasher will attract the salmon and cause it to strike the fly. Once it’s hooked, it’s time to go fishing!

While you’re at it, don’t be afraid to experiment with different rigs. A jig with a plastic squid attached is a popular choice for salmon fishermen. The plastic squid has many colors to choose from, and it’s a standard size in Puget Sound. Gold Star Yamashita’s lures contain plastic and are available in purple, green, and black.

What Are The Best Salmon Lures For Bank Fishing?

There are a few key considerations when selecting the right salmon lure. While salmon will generally bite shiny bait, they also like slow-moving, deep-diving bait. Depending on the type of river you’re fishing, you might want to consider a Kwikfish. These lures are great to swim gently and quietly in deep water, and they are a good option for salmon anglers who aren’t familiar with how to tune them.

A spinnerbait is a great choice for salmon anglers. These lures are often made of bright neon colors, making them more enticing to fish. They are available in various sizes, and they can come in many different colors, depending on your personal preference. This spinnerbaits are also good to reflect sunlight, so they are easy for salmon to see.

The Spin-N-Glo attractant is one of the most common choices, with sizes ranging from 2 to 0 available. This lure is rigged with a single hook, and it is threaded onto a long leader. This serves as the bait, and you can add Cured Salmon Eggs underneath the egg loop for additional attraction. A Shrimp Tail isn’t hurt, but it won’t harm your chances of landing a nice king salmon.

Tips To Choose The Best Salmon Lures For Bank Fishing

Before you buy the right salmon lure, you need to know which technique you want to use. In most cases, you can choose to fish for salmon by bank fishing or by boat. In either case, you should be ready to use a different type of equipment. Some lures are better for certain types of techniques, while others are best for other methods. Here are some tips to help you select the right salmon lure for your bank fishing.

First, choose a lure that will attract the salmon. It is best to use a salmon lure that flashes because this attracts them more. You can buy a pro-troll flasher, but it’s pricey. You can also try the Hotspot Flasher, which doesn’t have E-Chip technology. Both of these lures move well in the water.

You can also try floating or jigging salmon with a spinning reel. The lures must be about 15 to 20 feet off the shore. The jigging action of a spinning reel makes it more attractive for salmon. But if you’re aiming to fish for salmon in swift and deep water, it’s better to go with a heavier model. If you don’t have access to a boat, you can also opt for a lighter lure.


There is a variety of Salmon lures that you can use. However, choosing wisely is important to have maximized your fishing results. A spinnerbait is definitely a good choice to catch Salmon with bank fishing.