Trout fishing is a challenging sport that may be more challenging in fast water. For this reason, you should have the best trout lure for this specific case. In this article, you will learn more about the best trout lures for fast water.

How Do You Catch Trout In Fast Water?

trout fishing in fast water

One of the most difficult things to do when fishing in fast water is to not scare the fish. The current is distracting to the fish, so they will not be as interested in the fly as they would be in a calmer area. A fish in a fast-moving piece of water needs a constant reminder of your presence, so you should work the water thoroughly before casting. In other words, you should try to cast a fly close to the bank, and fish it with a heavy weight.

In fast water, it’s important to keep in mind that the current will be strong and the water will be turbulent. This will cause you to lose a lot of energy, so you need to concentrate your casting efforts on slower sections. The best places to fish are inside bends and eddies, as these are the ideal hiding places for bugs. You’ll want to fish these locations, as they are likely to contain plenty of trout.

Fast water is also a great place to find minnows. They will use these to move towards their food and then swim into the cover. The eddy is an island with a well-defined current that creates a backwater. The slow waters in these areas contain large numbers of trout, which lay on the bottom waiting for food. However, if you don’t have time to wait for your bait to float, there’s always a chance that it’ll catch a fish.

Best Trout Lures For Fast Water

There are many trout lures that work well in fast water. These are some of the best that you can use with great results to catch trout in fast waters.

The Panther Martin

The Panther Martin to catch trout in fast water

The Panther Martin is an excellent choice for catching trout in fast water because of its unique design. The reel consists of two main parts, the spool and the drag mechanism, and a handle that controls the release of the line. The angler pulls the handle back to open the bail, which releases the line. The drag mechanism holds the line in place to avoid it unwinding too quickly and causing an accidental hook set.

A Panther Martin is a versatile spinning lure with extremely sharp hooks, making it a favorite of fly fishers. It is also ideal for fishing in fast water, where big trout can hide in deeper pools and pounce on smaller fish. A size 6 spinner is an excellent choice for matching the hatch of emerging insects, which can be easily tipped with a wax worm, mealworm, or corn worm.

Another advantage of the Panther Martin is its durability. It is lightweight, easy to carry, and simple to use. The lure is available in a wide variety of colors and sizes and comes with a lifetime guarantee. When you purchase one of these, you can be sure that it will provide many years of dependable service. The price is competitive, too. You can buy a Panther Martin online and try it out in no time.

The Abu Lure

the Abu Lure  to catch trout in fast water

The Abu Lure is the most popular type of bait for trout fishing. It is available in various sizes and is easy to use. It has a longer life than similar lures. This lure is known for its prestige and great craftsmanship. It is available in black, zebra, and shad colors. The most popular size of Abu Lure is 10g, but other sizes may also work.

One of the best features of the Abu Lure is its ability to mimic a wounded fish. Its weight allows it to move in fast water. The treble hook helps it hold up to the current. It is available in three different colors. Because it can be fished in shallow water, it is particularly deadly when fishing with a short spinning rod. Besides its float-style action, the Abu Lure is also highly effective when used in rocky areas.

Another benefit of the Abu Lure is its ability to work in fast water. This lure has the ability to withstand the pressure of a rapid and is highly sensitive to fast-moving current. Its small body of water makes it a perfect choice for trout fishing. A single hook is able to attract a large fish. With this bait, it’s easy to land a fish.

The Comet Spoon

Trout lure

The comet spoon is an off-axis lure that has a variable drag that changes with the current. It can be used in both stagnant and fast water, and the biggest size in this range weighs 29 grams. The silver or gold turntables have red, blue, or gray polka dots that mimic injured baitfish. The colors are designed to make the lure more calming and less poisonous for the trout.

The bent shape of this lure creates a unique wounded fish-like action that entices trout to strike. Because the spoon is small, it can be fished quickly. It is best in 1/12-ounce sizes for lakes, rivers, and streams. For the best action, use a light fishing line. Once you have the right size, you can add a little extra bait to your line.

To fish in fast water, you must position yourself upstream of an overhang and use monofilament to avoid snags. Open the bail arm of the reel and let the spoon flutter downstream. Close it and hold it firmly. Slowly work upstream to land the catch. The comet spoon is a good choice for fishing in this type of water, and it is perfect for catching trout in fast waters.


These lures are some of the best that you can enjoy using when you fish in fast water. Lastly, fishing in fast water may be difficult at once but remember that practice and patience makes perfect when it comes to trout fishing.

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