You may be wondering: What Are Good Spinners For Trout? The answer to that question depends on the type of trout you’re targeting and the water clarity. For example, rainbow trout prefer silver spinners, while lake trout and bull trout favor gold and blue. But the best way to catch both is to use the right lure in the right place. Here are a few tips to get you started.

What Are The Types Of Trout Spinners?

Trout spinners

There are three types of trout spinners: lead head, inline, and standard trout spinner.

1. Lead Head Trout Spinners

A lead head is a lead weight on the front of the lure with a hook attached to it by some type of line such as a braided fishing line or dacron. The common thread among all three types is that the lure has a blade or blades that spin around when retrieved.

2. Inline Trout Spinners

An inline trout spinner is the most common type of spinner and it includes a hook-like a regular fishing hook and attached to this are either one or two spinning blades. The average size for inline spinners is about 1/8 ounce.

3. Standard Trout Spinners

A standard trout spinner has a blade on the end of a straight shaft. There is no lead weight on the front and the hook is attached to the back of the lure. The average size for a standard trout spinner is about 1/4 ounce.

The size of the trout spinner is important, as you want to make sure you are using one that is the right size for the type of fish you are targeting. The weight of the spinner is also important, as it will help you determine how deep you need to cast in order to get your spinner down to the fish. If you have a hard time determining the weight of the trout spinner, you can always ask a fishing expert at a local bait and tackle store. The color of the lure is also important because it may affect how many fish you catch.

What Are The Best Trout Spinners?

The Top 5 choices are:

1. Silver Streak Trout Spinner

Silver Streak Spinner

You can use the Silver Streak Spinner to catch trout when fishing in shallow streams and lakes. If you cast it slowly, fish will follow it and strike when you are retrieving it upstream. It is best to cast it close to the target before beginning the retrieve. Casting slowly will also allow the fish time to strike the fly. Listed below are some tips for using the spinner to catch trout.

Use a heavier lure to get longer casting distances. However, a heavier lure will be out of the prey range of your target fish. For example, a 12″ trout will rarely strike a one-ounce spinner. Also, adding weight to a spinner can make it harder to cast, change its action, or make it sink faster. As with any lure, practice is the key.

The colors of spinners are also important. The lighter ones work well in clear water and with a bright sun overhead. While the silver/gold/red spinners work well on cloudy days, gold/silver spinners are best for low-light conditions. Try using a combination of both colors and see which one works best for you! And, as always, remember that the bigger the fish are, the bigger your fly will need to be.

Use a color that appeals to the fish you’re targeting. The Silver Streak Spinner is available in numerous colors and patterns, including UV-coated spoons. In addition, they are made from high-quality materials and can withstand a variety of conditions. Choose one with an appropriate color combination for trout and use it to make sure you get a big catch. You can change colors or patterns if needed to catch the trout that are hungry.

2. Mepps Aglia Trout Spinners

Mepps Aglia Trout Spinner

If you are looking for a fishing lure that will attract trout, try using a Mepps Aglia Spinner. These spinners are the perfect choice for small stream trout, rainbow trout, and brown trout. Larger trout may prefer a #2 or #3 Aglia. The size of a Mepps Aglia spinner is highly dependent on the type of fish you are targeting.

The Mepps Aglia Spinner is designed to mimic baitfish. It’s heavier than most spinners and is better for deeper waters and casting distance. Mepps Aglias come in several sizes and can be trolled. They can also be used as trolling lures, though they tend to ride high in the water. To lower the Mepps Aglia, attach a sinker to your line and twitch to get it to a depth where trout will take it.

Brown trout usually prefer slow stretches of water in cool water. The temperature of the water is between 55-and 65 degrees. You can fish with a fly in the early morning or late evening to catch the big brown. Use a spinner to catch big brown trout during the day. This spinner imitates a wounded fish in the water. As the fish follows the spinner, it gives them a cue to strike.

If you’re looking for the perfect spinner for trout, look no further than the Mepps AGLIA Spinner. It’s a classic French spinner that has captured more trophy fish than any other lure. It’s effective for any freshwater and saltwater species and can even catch bass! You can even purchase a plain spinner if you want to present a lower profile, making it perfect for small stream trout and panfish.

3. Panther Martin Classic Regular Trout spinners

Panther Martin Classic Regular

Whether you’re fishing for rainbows or Brook Trout, the Panther Martin Classic will help you attract them to your bait. It comes with six spinners of varying sizes. These lures are known for their fast-spinning blades and their ability to produce tons of vibration and fish-attracting power. This product will work on all types of waters and is a must-have for trout enthusiasts. Here are some other benefits of the Panther Martin Classic.

The Panther Martin spinner is available in bait shops, convenience stores, gas stations near Glacier National Park, and online. You can also purchase them at dedicated fly shops throughout the United States. Some fly shops carry a better selection than others, and some bait shops don’t stock them at all. Make sure to check the selection before buying one. If you’re not sure what to buy, check online to see if any fly shops sell them.

The Panther Martin Salamander spinner is ideal for slow-flowing streams, shallow ponds, and West Coast waters. Its silver blade attracts both rainbow and cutthroat trout and is a good choice for those looking to target pond trout. To make your spinner more effective, twitch it with a wax worm, mealworm, or corn worm. If you’re fishing in a slow-moving stream, try quartering the current with each cast.

4. Worden’s Rooster Tail Lures

Worden's Rooster Tail Lures

If you are looking for a lure that will attract fish with ease, you should try Worden’s Rooster Tail Lure. They are available in three different sizes to suit your fishing preferences. These lures are perfect year-round, whether you’re targeting trout of all sizes. You can choose between a palm-size bait and a double-digit pound one. Rooster Tails are perfect for shallow and deeper water, and they’re not too small to use all year-round.

When fishing with a Rooster Tail, start by rigging the bottom of the line. First, put a treble on the bottom of the wire loop. A treble will work just fine, but over time, it will begin to become dull. To replace the treble, simply cut off the eye of the treble. If your hooks are smaller, you can use a #10 round bend bronze treble or an #8 round bend bronze treble. Alternatively, you can use a #6 siwash single hook.

Another popular lure for catching trout is the Rooster Tail. These are essentially small willow spinners with tiny blades, which create a nice disturbance and a little color. Most Rooster Tail spinners have gold, bronze, or chrome spinner blades, which give the lure a nice flash. You can also use these lures in lakes, rivers, and reservoirs.

5. Johnson Thunderbug Trout Lures

Johnson Thunderbug Lures

If you want to catch fish in a stream, you can try using the Johnson Thunderbug Lures to catch trout. The lure is available in various sizes, ranging from #00 through #2. Size #00 is perfect for stream trout and panfish, while size #2 is perfect for smallmouth bass and walleye. Make sure to use the correct size for the type of trout you plan to catch.

This lure is made of UV-coated plastic, so it will not chip or crack. These spoons are made of high-quality materials and will not easily break. They are excellent for fishing in different waters and will bring in trout, bass, and salmon. The Silver Streak Spinner weighs one-eighth ounce, while the Mepps #0 is only a 1/12 ounce spinner.

If you prefer fishing in cold waters, you can also use Johnson Thunderbug Lures to catch trout. The 6-lure trout kit, Mepps Trouter Kit Plain 6PK, is one of the best kits for catching trout. It contains a variety of plain and dressed Mepps spinners, as well as Comet Mino silver blade-shad. This lure is great for catching multiple fish on a single leech.

For steelhead and salmon, using soft shells has worked in the past. In Montrose Harbor, and 63rd and 87th streets, the Park Bait staff reported a fair perch bite. Fishing reports from Mik-Lurch and Tackle Haven also indicated good bites in the twenty to forty-foot range on minnows. It’s a matter of experimenting and finding what works best for you.

How To Catch Trout With Spinners?

Fisherman catching trout with a spinner

There are a few ways to catch trout with a spinner. One way is to cast the spinner into the water and retrieve it in a quick jerking motion. This will cause the blades on the spinner to spin and will attract the attention of the trout. Another way to use a spinner is to troll it behind a moving boat. A trolling spinner will produce more fish than a stationary one.

You can also cast a spinner into a pool of water and let it sit for a few minutes in order to attract the trout. Once the trout begins to bite, you need to start a jerking motion with your rod in order to keep them interested.

Trout Spinners come in various colors and sizes. From small inline spinnerbaits for panfish to large Lead Head Spinner Lures for Musky, Trout, and Bass. You can also use different colors to attract the fish in different ways.

Bright flashy colors such as red, yellow, and orange are good for attracting trout in sunny conditions. While duller colors such as green and brown work well when the water is murky or there is low sunlight.


The most important thing to remember with spinners is that the size and color of the spinner do matter. If you are fishing for small trout, use a smaller inline spinner and if you are fishing for larger fish such as Muskie and Bass, use a large lure with a lead head weight on it. The colors will also help you out, as they can help you determine what type of fish you are targeting. Always remember to change colors and sizes if necessary. Once you find one that works for you, stick with it! Remember practice makes perfect so don’t give up after your first try!