Big lake trout makes anglers very happy. It can be hard to catch these beautiful trout. However, with a good mindset, pieces of information, and tools you can have your chances of catching big lake trout. In this article, we discuss how you can catch this big trout.

Where To Target This Fish?

Big Lake Trout

Where to fish for big lake trout? Is a question that is often on the minds of anglers. The most common lakes where anglers can catch these big Lakers are Superior, Great Slave, and Wollaston. These big lake fish prefer deep water, so fishermen often use heavy, deep methods. This type of fishing requires the use of heavy gear, such as downriggers, lead, and line counter reels.

During ice-out, lakes with strong currents are prime locations for lake trout. This brings up the water temperatures and provides sunlight to the bottom of the food chain. It also carries the prey into the lake, so these areas are the best places to catch a trophy trout. In shallower waters, arctic grayling, Lakers, and suckers stage and assemble.

During winter, lake trout are most active. This provides exceptional ice fishing action. From January until ice out, Canada, and the Great Lakes states offer some of the best ice fishing in the world. Veteran anglers who have landed a 15-pound trophy are confident that they can land the trophy. Once you learn how to land the monster, the experience will be unforgettable. And remember that it takes more than luck to land a prized 15-pound monster.

Nueltin Lake, on the Manitoba-Nunavut border, is an excellent spot for catching big Trout. During summer, the waters reach a depth of 190 feet. One of the most famous Lake Trout fishing spots in the US, Flaming Gorge in Utah, is a popular spot for fly fishermen. And fall is equally good. However, it is important to know the best time of year to catch this big fish.

Trout Rigs

Big Lake Trout

The most important part of a rig for fishing for big lake trout is its size. The flooded timber rig is ideal for fishing for the king of the lakes. This rigging technique is also effective for targeting large northern pike and muskie. The flooded timber snare is another must-have piece of tackle for catching a monster. It allows you to remove the hook safely and effectively.

When fishing for lakers, you can try using a Carolina rig. These rigs are great for fishing stationary lakers because they broadcast a large area of water quickly. When you get a bite, you can stop trolling and jig the fish. This is also the most effective method for catching big lake trout if you have a large boat. The jigging spoon is an excellent choice to catch stationary lakers. In addition to the downrigger, a floating minnow lure is also a great option.

When using a tip-up, bait your hook with live or dead minnows. If you’re fishing for big trout, use an 8 to 10-inch minnow on a treble hook. If you’re casting for smaller lakers, use a 3 to a 5-inch minnow. For a larger fish, a 10-inch minnow is a good option.

Fishing Tips

Catch Big Lake Trout

If you want to land a trophy-sized lake trout, you must follow some fishing tips. These tips will help you land the fish you are dreaming of. Remember that lake trout can be found at different depths, so be prepared to deal with any bite. The best way to catch these fish is to slowly lower your line. If you lower it quickly, you may pass by the fish. Here are some of the best tips to catch big trout.

A good tip to catch giant lake trout is to target a structure in the water. Any structure that can trap prey will be beneficial to them. Open water gives their prey too much time to get away from predators, but structures trap their prey. Prey will turn around, escaping the predator, and then will not chase after them. Hence, it is essential to target a structure that contains water.

To attract these giants, anglers should use different lures and techniques. Light-colored soft baits, pearl-colored minnows, and jigging will attract them. Deep diving crankbaits are good for catching lake trout. But if you are targeting a huge fish, you should use a heavier rod. If you use a spinning reel, be sure to use a thin line and a number six or 10 hooks.


Big lake trout is definitely a trophy fish. Remember that patience is important to catch big lake trout. So make sure to give it time and hopefully you will get yourself a big lake trout trophy.