Spinners are a good choice to target trout. There are multiple spinners types that you can use with great results. In this article, you will learn more about the best fly fishing spinners.

Rooster Tails

Rooster tails

Rooster tails are one of the best fly fishing spinners in the market. They are small, round, and brightly colored lures. The size of your hook is important, as trout are usually attracted to tiny baitfish. For best results, use a tiny hook. A smaller hook is stronger and better suited to larger fish. A #8 treble hook or a size #10 single hook is appropriate for Rooster tails.

Choose Rooster tails based on the size of the fish you are targeting. For example, if you’re fishing a smaller stream, you’ll want to use a small bait. This will allow you to make a subtle presentation. Alternatively, if you’re fishing a large river, a larger bait is a better choice. The Rooster tail is a great all-around lure.

Rooster tails are very effective with trebles. However, it is best to replace your trebles when you’re new to Rooster Tail fishing. Depending on your location, you might want to switch to a small treble after a few casts. If it’s legal, you can replace it by cutting off the eye and replacing it with a smaller one.

Rooster tails come in a variety of colors, so you’ll want to choose the color that matches the current conditions in your area. If you’re fishing a river in clear water, light-colored ones will work best. These lures take advantage of the bright sun. They also have a flash that can be seen from a long distance, which attracts fish. You can also choose to use a pattern to imitate the natural spots on baitfish.

Panther Martins

Panther Martins

Whether you’re looking for freshwater or saltwater fish, the classic Red Hook Lures from Panther Martin is one of the best lures for this species. With its blood-red hook and vibration, it will get strikes from a variety of different species. For instance, the size 6 spinner is ideal for fishing in shallow water and tipped with a half-inch Berkley Power Trout Worm.

A size 6-Panther Martin spinner will match the hatch of emerging insects in your favorite water body. In-stream waters that contain mixed brown and rainbow trout, the rainbows will be smaller than the browns, which will sulk in the deeper pools. You can also try tying a wax or mealworm to the end of a Panther Martin spinner to mimic a larval stage of the emerging insect.

You can buy the spinners from bait shops, retail stores, gas stations, and convenience stores. If you plan on fishing in a cold, rocky area, you’ll need to fish at a slower pace, so you can keep the blade spinning continuously. A gold or copper blade spinner is the best choice for stocked browns and golden trout. A silver or black blade spinner is best for rainbows and cutthroats. A size 2-Panther Martin Regular Fly spinner is ideal for rising trout in shallow waters. For a deeper environment, try a size 9 size. If you want to go for a classic pattern, try the All Gold Classic Pattern. This fly is perfect for almost any type of situation.

Pike Tails

Pike Tails

A great way to catch pike is to fly fish with Pike Tails. These spinners have been around for decades, and are the perfect choice for fishing Stillwater. They can be tied with any number of materials and colors, and they come in a wide range of sizes and weights. They are often very gaudy, with bright colors that lure the pike in. These flies also have a sturdy tail, which drags well in the water and gives the fly plenty of action. Lastly, the key is to match the hatch with the baitfish in your area.

To make these spinners more effective, add weight to the fly. This will make the fly deeper, move more actively, and give it a little more action. You can also use a dobb daddy rubber ball to fix any loose cone head near the fly. Finally, use a hook to attach the cone head to your leader. To get a hook to attach coneheads, you should purchase a Vision strike indicator kit.

If you are unsure of which type of Pike Tail to use Barry’s Baitfish is an excellent choice. This spinner imitates a baitfish perfectly, and the eye colors are difficult to miss. The fly is made of high-quality materials, and won’t tear up easily when the fish attacks it. These spinners are also great for newer fly fishermen as they can stand up to the toughness of pike’s teeth.


These are some of the best fly fishing spinners that you can use with great results. You can definitely experience some before finding what suits you the best. You can start with these three spinners since they are effective and easy to use.