Lake trout attracts many anglers that target this fish in different areas. In this article, you will learn more about how long do Lake trout live.

Life Cycle

Lake Trout

The lake trout life cycle is complex, with several important stages. As lake trout mature into larger fish, they undergo a transformation from omnivores to carnivores. They become omnivores because they can now eat other fish and their growth rates increase dramatically. In the past, they survived on a limited diet, but now they must feed on less nutritious foods to stay healthy.

Male lake trout lay eggs on the bottom of a pond. During the early fall, the fertilized eggs settle in the crevices of a rocky shoal. The eggs hatch between four to six months and the fry is ready to swim. After hatching, the larvae feed on zooplankton. Later, they also eat aquatic invertebrates and fish. However, since the lake trout live in deep lakes, its population grows slower than other species.

In early summer, the males mate and fertilize the eggs. The females then deposit the eggs in the gravel of a pond or lake. They then incubate the eggs without any parental care. At six to seven months of age, the larvae begin to feed on aquatic invertebrates. In time, they will also begin to consume fish and terrestrial invertebrates. This means that the population of lake trout in a particular area grows much slower than that of a similar species in another body of water.

How Long Do Lake Trout Live?

Lake Trout

The lake trout live between 10 and 20 years, but some have lived for over 60 years. A fully grown fish can weigh as much as 30 pounds and is able to swim fast. The current IGFA All-Tackle lake trout record stands at 72 pounds. The largest lake trout on record weighed 102 lbs, caught in a gill net in Lake Athabasca, Saskatchewan in 1961.

The average lifespan of a lake trout is about 20 years. The lifespan varies depending on habitat, lake size, and dissolved solid concentrations. They are slow-growing and have limited reproductive potential, which limits their lifespans. Single lake trout can reach sexual maturity at between six to eight years of age. However, the age at which the fish reaches sexual maturity may vary, depending on its environment and a variety of factors, including a trout’s dietary habits.

During the summer months, lake trout spawn. This process takes a few months. This is because the eggs must mature before hatching. It takes about four months for the eggs to mature in the nest. Once they are hatched, they remain in the spawn substrate for another four to five months. At that point, they move to deeper water and start feeding on other fish. Once they reach maturity, the lake trout is a solitary, opportunistic piscivore.

How Old Is The Oldest Lake Trout?

Big Lake Trout

The answer is not far off, as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently recorded a record-breaking catch of a 62-year-old lake trout. This lake trout measured 35.5 inches in length, making it the world’s oldest lake trout. This year, researchers hope to find more such fish. The oldest ever caught was over 100 years old. Here’s how it happened.

The oldest lake trout is about 70 years old. This fish was caught by a biologist in 1981. The oldest laker in the world was probably at least 20 years old. The age of the lake trout can only be determined by harvesting it and weighing it. But the biologist didn’t have time to weigh it, so he guessed. Besides being slow to grow, the fish had also reached sexual maturity by the time it was seven to eight years old. The oldest lake trout in the world was probably spawned by seven generations.

The state biologists said that the lake trout was at least 70 years old. The fish was captured during a fall trout assessment by the Department of Natural Resources. It was tagged eight times in the last four decades, but biologists did not have time to weigh it. The fish was then released back into the water of the Gull Island Refuge. It will be interesting to see how old it is.


As you can see, Lake trout is a fascinating fish with a complex life cycle. In general, Lake trout lives for 10-20 years but some may get to 60 years. These are definitely trophies. Hopefully, you can get to catch one of these big Lake trout. Finally, if you want to know more about what Lake trout eat you can check out our article here.