Ice fishing may give you good opportunities to discover a new fishing area and to try to catch Brown trout. This fish attracts many anglers. They adapt well to cold waters and can be seen as trophies. In this article, you will learn more about ice fishing for Brown trout.

Ice Fishing Tackle

Ice fishing tackle

The most effective lure for winter fishing is a jigging spoon. Most ice anglers prefer big, metallic-finish spoons tipped with the head of a medium-sized minnow. These lures are effective for suspending trout over deep water. In addition, These fish may be suspended near the bottom of the lake in 15 feet of water, or near the top in 30 feet of water.

Many lakes in the country are stocked with brown trout. You can find these large fish in lakes within 300 yards of shore. During the winter, they move rapidly in search of bait and warm, comfortable water conditions. This makes them a great target during seasonal transitions, but you should also remember to adjust your presentation to catch the fish. In general, fish in the first 20 feet of water is the most likely to be hit by ice fishing lures.

Brown trout are active feeders under the ice and require 5 inches or more of ice for a comfortable fishing stance. A good ice fishing tackle set will provide the best odds of success. You’ll need patience and plenty of time to catch a large number of browns. However, brown trout is definitely worth your efforts.

Best Ice fishing Lures

Ice fishing lures for brown trout

The Swedish Pimple is one of the best ice fishing lures for brown trout. This bait is the invention of two brothers from Sweden over 50 years ago. It falls in an erratic motion and imitates dying baitfish. Larger brown trout feed on this type of fish, which is why this lure is a great choice for ice fishing. However, the best jigging spoon for brown trout is the jigging spoon.

The Acme Kastmaster is a brass spoon that is designed to attract brown trout. The design makes it very effective for attracting trout. It is not susceptible to corrode, bend, or break. The shad-shaped jig also gives off a flash even in saltwater. It works well both on and off the ice and is most effective when jigged off the bottom.

The Craigi is another excellent ice fishing lure for trout. Invented in the Black Hills, South Dakota, the Craigi imitates the natural swimming motion of a Mysis shrimp. This bait has duped countless trophy lake trout and is a great choice for ice fishing for largemouth bass, perch, and sunfish. So, if you’re in the mood to catch a trophy, try out the Craigi!

Ice Fishing Techniques To Catch Brown Trout

Ice fishing

There are many techniques to fish for brown trout during the winter months. The most effective is to work with the current. This way, your bait will be able to pass right through the staging area. This tactic works well for a variety of species but is most effective for smaller, localized browns. If you’re catching a large number of fish, you may want to try different tactics.

When ice fishing, the fish are more susceptible to ice anglers. It’s important to take safety precautions when fishing on the ice. Always check the thickness of the icy area before you go fishing, and bring a friend with you if possible. Also, use the proper equipment and keep your line and reel in good condition.

Jigging spoons are one of the best lures to use when ice fishing. A big metallic finish spoon is often the first choice of ice anglers, but you can also use it with a head half of a medium-sized minnow. While ice fishing, bear in mind that brown trout usually hover above 15 feet of water, making a deep hole easier to drill. A jigging spoon is an excellent option for catching trout in this way.


Ice fishing is an interesting way to catch Brown trout. You will need a good tackle and to use the right technique so you can have the best results. It may be difficult to catch one at first but remember that patience is key when fishing for Brown trout.