Lures are an important element in trout fishing. For this reason, anglers spend some time looking for the best lures to catch trout. For instance, jakes spin a lure is a classic. It’s easy to use and effective when it comes to catching trout. In this article, you will get to know how to choose your lure and you have a better idea about why to use jakes spin lure to catch trout.

Jakes Spin A Lure To Catch Trout

Trout fishing

If you’re interested in fishing for trout, you’ve probably considered trying a spinnerbait. These lures are weedless and can be effective in shallow and mid-range depths. They are also incredibly effective in low-light conditions. You can choose between the plain and dressed versions, with the dressed version featuring bucktails and squirrel tails. The plain version is a better choice for brown trout, and they both come with a standard treble hook.

If you’re trying to catch trout from shore, try a lure that’s about an eighth of an ounce. This size is perfect for catching both bass and trout. It also works well for bluegill. You can also use smaller versions for trout when casting from the bank. These lures work well in small lakes, as well as in large bodies, and they’re effective in a variety of water conditions.

A spinning lure sinks about one foot per second, so you’ll need to count the seconds it takes to sink. Make one cast to the surface, then let it sink for two, four, and six counts. This helps you focus on the water column when casting. If you cast too slowly, you might put off trout. And when you’re casting at the bottom of a stream, you’ll get a better chance of a strike.

The original spin-a-lure from Jake’s family won’t get much older than 50 years. The lure has become synonymous with fishing and has earned the title of #1 lure in Yellowstone National Park. It is available in treble hook size and a 1/4 oz weight. The hooks are strong and the lures swim back-heavy, causing them to be highly effective for trout.

How To Rig It?

If you’re fishing for trout, you may be wondering how to rig Jakes Spin A lure. This simple lure is a favorite of many trout fishermen. You can rig this lure in a variety of ways. It should be fished slowly, but with enough action to catch fish. You can use it also to imitate insects such as worms or small minnows.

This lure is made with premium brass components and high-quality treble hooks. Made in the USA, the Jakes Spin A lure is legal for use in many fisheries, including those where lead is banned. It can be fished on both rivers, streams, and lakes. Here are some tips on how to rig Jakes Spin A lure to catch trout:

First, make sure your lure resembles a trout’s natural prey. It should look like a worm or a small fish and mimic its diet. Trout have incredible eyesight, which means they can see colors we can’t. Therefore, bright colors will help trigger their predation instinct faster. Moreover, trout can detect sonic vibrations well, so choose lures with realistic shapes and actions.

A bead rig is another effective way to catch trout. Make sure you use a high-quality line, like a 6-pound test, as this line will help you catch more trout. If you want to use this rig, Pat Kiehm, a renowned fisher and author, recommends banding the beads so that you can swap them out without retying. Another trick is to double-bead rig, where you attach a second bead below the first one.


Jakes spin a lure is a great choice to catch trout. This lure attracts trout and makes them easy to catch. They are available in almost every fishing shop. Jakes spin a lure will definitely be a good help in your trout fishing journey.