Lake trout attracts many anglers. There are many ways to fish for lake trout. For instance, a jigging setup is a great choice in this regard. In this article, you will learn more about the best lake trout jigging setup.

Tube Jig Setup

Tube jig to catch lake trout

A Tube jig is one of the best lake trout jigging setups that you can use. It is also an effective method for catching small fish. The most important thing to remember is to tie the jig properly, otherwise, you’ll risk losing it in short strikes. Usually, you should tie the tube firmly to the leader or line, so the fish don’t run off and swallow it.

The best way to rig a tube jig to catch lake trout is to use a hook with a stinger. This hook is very strong and ideal for vertical fishing. It’s also great for ice fishing. Generally speaking, the larger the stinger hook, the more bait you’re likely to land. Using a tube jig to catch fish in lakes is an effective method.

A tube jig is an excellent lure to use when ice fishing. Lake trout are very sensitive to smell and taste, so you’ll want to be sure your lure doesn’t smell or move. This lure will also work well when paired with a jig head. The size of your jig head should be appropriate for the depth of the lake and the time of year. In the winter months, you can go lighter with a smaller jig head, while during warmer months, you’ll need a heavier jig.

Lake Trout Jigging Rig

Jigging rig to catch lake trout

The most efficient jigging rig for lake trout consists of a light and sharp jig, with a line of zero stretches. It is generally advisable to use a 10-pound test super braid, terminating with a 20-pound fluorocarbon leader, because it is durable enough to handle a 20-pound trout. Also, you should choose a lighter jig for this technique.

If you are fishing in the open water, you need a baited jig. A bucktail jig works best. You can add a clacker or other worm to it, which will trigger a fish’s lateral line. You can also add lure enhancers to make your lure more attractive to the lake trout. For this, you can use a spoon, a fork, or a hook.

A tube jig is the most popular jigging rig for lake trout. These jigs can be fished at any time of year and are effective in triggering bites. While white and chartreuse are the most popular colors, other colors can also work. You can also experiment with a variety of jigging lures to find one that works best for you.

Using a jigging rig is simple to set up and use, and you can be in the water in a matter of minutes. However, you must be in a boat to use it, and if you are targeting lakes that hold a large number of trout, it is essential to know where they are holding. This will help you target them with the jigging rig.

Stinger Rig

Stinger rig to catch lake trout

A stinger jig is used to target lake trout. You can choose a colored or plain head and tie it to a length of four to eight inches of line. A 12 to 15-lb test fluorocarbon line is best for tying the stinger, as it is nearly invisible in the water and is extremely abrasion-resistant. The hook is a size 6 to 10 treble hook.

The stinger hook should be bent at an angle perpendicular to the bait, and it should be tied with a single line. You can also use multiple stingers for multiple applications. To change plastics, simply tie the second stinger in the opposite direction. A treble hook is best for large lakes. You can also try the “Dead Bait” method.

A stinger rig is the best choice for large baitfish like lake trout. This type of rig works well with extra-large swimbaits around ten inches in diameter. It allows you to cast a far distance and remain stationary while you are waiting for the fish to bite. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to catch lake trout. If you haven’t tried it yet, you can give it a try.

When using the Stinger rig to catch lake trout, be sure to fish at the proper depth. You should drive around the lake until you see lakers on your fishfinder. Once you find a spot where you think there are lakers, use the Stinger rigging technique. You will be surprised by the success rate. This rig is an absolute must-have for the avid fisher.


These are some of the best lake trout jigging setup. They are easy to use and effective to catch lake trout. Make sure to make the right jig for each type so you can have the best fishing results.