The lake trout spoon is a popular fishing lure. This spoon comes in a variety of colors and is great for both shallow and deep water fishing. These spoons are also available in smaller sizes for shore fishing. When choosing a color, silver and gold are great choices. In general, silver and gold are the best colors for fishing in clear and overcast water. If you are targeting lake trout during the winter months, use a silver spoon and gold jig. You can find out more about lake trout spoon in this article. 

Do Lake Trout Like Spoons?


If you’re wondering if lake trout like spoons, you’re not alone. The following information will help you determine whether they’ll bite a spoon. One of the most popular spoons for lake trout is the Kastmaster. This spoon is made for casting far and deep, and it’s almost as good at catching weeds as it is at catching trout. Here are some great tips for using this popular lure for catching lake trout.

First of all, you need to choose the right color. It’s more of an art than a science. The brighter the color, the better, but be sure to choose a bait that contrasts with the watercolor. While silver is a classic color, gold is a good choice for clear water and sunny days. Spoons with patterns and colors can work well too. You can even purchase a spoon with patterns that match those of your prey.

One tip for fishing with spoons is to use a heavy-duty one. They will cast further than any other lure, which makes them perfect for casting from shore. Remember to always retrieve slowly and flutter the spoon as you reel it in to get the best results. You may need to move around a swim until you find the fish you’re looking for. The Dr. Fish Weedless Minnow Spoon is an excellent choice for this type of fishing, as it casts long and is loaded with a rattle ball. The spoon will make enough noise to attract a trout to bite.

Another option is the Trout Killer spoon. This spoon has EChip technology, which mimics the voltage discharge of a prey fish and entices lake trout to strike. A spoon with an EChip is better for deep waters as it can attract lake trout from farther away than a conventional lure can. This lure is a popular choice for bottom fishing. This spoon is a good choice for both freshwater and saltwater.

How Do You Use Spoons For Lake Trout?

Spoons lures

One of the most popular types of lures for lake trout is the fishing spoon. These lures are very effective in fishing dense cover. They usually have wire guards to prevent snags and are designed for various retrieve methods, from traditional casting to vertical jigging. The most effective retrieve technique is to let the spoon free-fall down the structure before working it with short jerks up and down. This will attract the attention of a trout that might otherwise be wary or timid.

If you’re fishing for lake trout, you can also try jigging spoons and Rapala crankbaits. These lures produce vibrations and flashes, and you can use them to attract the fish. These lures can be cast from shore and trolled across sand flats and gravel beds. This is a great way to get a big lake trout.

Another popular type of fishing spoon is the bucktail spoon. Bucktail spoons are designed to resemble baitfish and will draw the fish’s attention. You can also use a spoon made for salmon as a lake trout lure. Bucktail spoons are also a good choice for vertical jigging. Bucktail spoons are lifelike and will move through the current giving them lots of action.

In the open water, the jigging tube is an effective method for catching lake trout. In deep water, this method will catch most trout. If you’re fishing shallow, this method may be best for you. It’s also effective when you’re targeting fish that tend to be wary of boats. But you must know when to use spoons for lake trout. So, the right time to use them is when they’re feeding.

The Best In The Market

Best lake trout spoons

When it comes to lures, there are several types to choose from. Some are made for large lake trout, while others are designed for small lake trout. Either type is a good choice, as they can work well on both approaches. Spoons also offer excellent castability, and lighter versions are perfect for long casts and trolling. Here are the top three lake trout spoons on the market today.

Kastmaster, Eppinger, and Mepps all produce excellent jigging spoons for lake trout. The Eppinger Dardevle is a favorite among trout fishermen, and the Mepps spoon is legendary amongst trout fishers. The Kastmaster spoon has been a staple in the trout fishing market for years, and the Kastmaster is a great option for lake trout.

Trolling spoons are excellent for fishing from a boat. To increase your chances of catching big fish, make sure the spoon is trolling at the same depth as your prey. For best results, use a fish finder to see the depth of the water. The classic trolling spoon, Luhr Jensen Krocodile Spoon, is a great choice for big-sized prey. A trolling spoon is versatile and highly effective. It is important to use proper technique when trolling a spoon as this will help you catch more fish.

Another great spoon is the Panther Martin. Designed for trout fishing in large bodies of water, this lure has proven itself time and again. The unique shape of the spoon makes it an exceptional choice for wary trout. And it’s also available in many other colors and patterns, so it’s crucial to choose one that matches your specific fishing needs. You can also use lures tipped with baitfish to get more bites.


Spoons are a good choice to catch lake trout. There are multiple ones in the market that you can use with great results. Lastly, experiencing is not a bad idea so you can find what suits your fishing style the most.