Mountain trout is an amazing type of trout. Many anglers like to go after it. In this article, we will discuss where you can find this type of trout. In addition, you will have a better idea about the best rigs to use and how to catch mountain trout.

Where To Find Mountain Trout?

Mountain trout

The best time to fish for mountain trout is in the spring or early summer, and there are several locations where you can find them. In the US, the most popular sites for mountain trout fishing include the White River and its tributaries, the Roaring Fork, and the Cache la Poudre. This cold-water fish lives in large rivers and drainages, so if you are looking for a place to catch mountain trout, look in the states of Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, and Alberta.

While the climate of these waters is cool in the summer, the conditions are not ideal for catching trout. Lakes at high elevations are often clear and calm. This makes it difficult for fish to see an angler and make rapid movements. So, consider wearing a camouflage shirt while fishing. Crouching is a good way to avoid being seen by mountain trout, but it’s also a good idea to cast your lines along the shoreline.

Where to find Mountain trout in the US? Throughout North America, there are thousands of rivers and streams that are great places to catch mountain trout. The Gunnison River, in Colorado, offers gorgeous scenery as well as productive trout fisheries. This makes this region a great place for a trout fishing vacation. However, you should be aware of the weather when choosing a destination.

Best Rigs For Mountain Trout

Mountain trout rig

When fishing for mountain trout, you need to be prepared for all types of weather. The most common type of rig for trout is the Carolina rigging method. This rig uses a jig to catch fish in deeper water. These jigs have long lines and can be cast a long distance. They should be tipped with a floating bait, such as powerbait.

The ned rig is the simplest of all the rigs for mountain trout. You can tie a fluorocarbon leader directly to the mushroom jig head. This will be more visible in the water. If you are using a braided line, you will need to use a two to four-foot fluorocarbon leader to hide your line. Then tie a knot in the middle of the line and fish your bait.

The ned rig is the most basic type of rig, and it is the easiest to tie. The mainline should be fluorocarbon, and the leader should be at least two to four feet long. Using fluorocarbon is best because it will not show up as much in the water, which is a good thing for the fish’s eyes. A braided line is also a good option if you want your rig to be more visible in the water.

Fishing Tips

Mountain trout fishing

One of the best techniques for catching mountain trout is cruising. These trout are the most aggressive feeders and will typically rise up when they encounter a food source. They will often stay shallow in the middle of the lake until they detect something worthy of their energy. This technique is especially important if you are fishing near large rocks or other obstacles that can hide the fish. Then, you can approach them from all sides and reel them in.

The best way to catch a mountain trout is to cast from the rear. These fish are usually positioned about two to three feet upstream, which is the best angle to approach them. Some anglers employ extreme stealth, but it is usually sufficient to crouch or walk around. You should avoid casting shadows and jerky movements. Always plan your course to the edge of the water and approach the trout from the rear.

During the summer, high-elevation lakes are usually calm and clear. That’s good news for anglers. However, high-elevation trout can still notice the commotion in the air and will often die from an avian attack. It’s a good idea to wear a camouflage shirt while casting, as trout can easily spot a crouching angler. If you’re unable to find a safe distance from the shoreline, you can simply cast your line to the shoreline.


Catching mountain trout requires some specific measures. Make sure to choose the right location and rig to catch this type of trout. It may seem difficult to catch mountain trout but with good practice, one should use the right technique to lure these amazing trout.