If you want to find a good spot for your next trout fishing trip, Oregon has a number of rivers and lakes with a healthy population of trout. Many of these waters feature good trout fishing opportunities, including ponds and lakes in the surrounding area. In addition to rivers, some of these lakes offer trout fishing by ice, too. In this article, you will learn more about Oregon trout fishing. 

What Type Of Trout You Can Find In Oregon?

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There are several types of trout in Oregon. Both native and introduced species are reproducing naturally here. Rainbow trout are common and you can find them in many rivers and streams throughout the state. Rainbow trout are often silvery with light pink to red stripes and can reach up to 30 inches long. They prefer clear, cold water. ODFW stocks millions of rainbow trout in ponds throughout the state.

In addition to brook trout, the state is also home to sturgeon and steelhead. While trout fishing in Oregon is possible year-round, anglers should check with the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Service for specific locations. The agency would be interested in knowing where you caught a trophy trout and what kind of water it was in. If you are a dedicated angler, you can purchase a one-year license or buy a multi-day fishing license. The state is ready to welcome fly fishermen from all over the country.

In Eastern Oregon, native rainbow trout is a great choice for fishing. These fish have evolved to survive in the desert climate. Their distinctive appearance includes big black spots and orange-yellow tints along their belly. Rainbow trout are generally caught using artificial flies or lures, but some places allow bait. Cutthroat trout are another option for fishing in Oregon. They live in both fresh and saltwater.

Best Fishing Locations In Oregon

Oregon fishing locations

If you’re looking for some great fishing spots in the Pacific Northwest, you’ve probably considered Oregon. This state lies on the Pacific Ocean and is bordered by Washington and Idaho to the north and 42° north on the east and south, respectively. The state’s coastline is also great for its trout streams. And while fishing isn’t the only activity here, the state is a popular destination for anglers.

If you’re looking for more exotic fishing, there are countless places to go. Oregon is home to some of the country’s best clamming. Coos Bay and the Columbia River offer prime conditions for mussel collecting. It’s also possible to stay in a cozy Oregon inn to relax after a long day of fishing. You can even bring a cooler, and a few other essentials for your fishing trip.

Whether you’re looking for a great day trip with your family or just a romantic getaway with your significant other, Oregon has many excellent fishing spots. In the northeast corner of Oregon, you’ll find Lake Wallowa, which is just south of the town of Joseph. The lake features good Kokanee fishing, as well as kayaking, boating, and camping. Watercraft ramps are available at the southern end, which makes it easy for anglers to launch their boat and head out onto the water.

If you’re looking for largemouth bass, a mid-elevation lake would be the best option. Try out the Willamette River, Cottage Grove Reservoir, and Dorena Reservoir. Or visit Lake Selmac, which is reminiscent of a scene from A River Runs Through It. Steelheads are a great catch at Tillamook Bay and are also great places to explore Oregon’s forests.

Tips To Fish In Oregon

Fishing in Oregon

When fishing in Oregon, you will want to know the best spots for catching the biggest trout. ODFW recently introduced sterile brown and tiger trout into the area, which is easily attracted to baitfish patterns such as Sparkle Minnows and Clouser Minnows. A tandem rig will allow you to use both baitfish patterns and artificial lures at the same time. For example, you can tie a size 6 Woolly Bugger to a Copper John and use 18 inches of tippet to catch the largest fish.

The best rivers to fish for trout in Oregon are those with a native population of redband trout. Some of the best rivers to fish for them are the Deschutes river, the Crooked River, the Metolius River, and the Fall River. The Klamath River is another great choice for fishing for redband trout. If you plan to fish in the Klamath River, you should fish the Blitzen, Metolius, and Owyhee rivers.

Winter is an excellent time to fish for trout in Oregon’s rivers. Most rivers are stocked with fish during the winter season, but they are still worth visiting during the warmer months. While fishing in Oregon during the winter, keep in mind that the water temperatures are cooler, so it’s best to go when the temperatures are cooler. Colder water is a good time to fish for trout, but make sure you bring a waterproof line.


There are many trout species in Oregon that you can try to catch in multiple locations. Remember to choose the best equipment so you can have the best trout fishing results in Oregon.