Salmon fish is an interesting fish to target. Many anglers wonder about the best salmon rigs for bank fishing. For this reason, we decided to answer this question. Moreover, you will learn more about the best knots to have the best right for Salmon bank fishing.

Types Of Salmon Rigs For Bank Fishing

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There are several different types of salmon rigs for bank fishing. These rigs consist of a 3-way swivel and a dropper line that contain the weight. The dropper line should be lighter than the mainline so that it can easily be pulled from the bottom. Indeed, this rig is most effective in a river with a strong current. There are a number of advantages to using this type of rigging.

Afloat rig is the best type of rig for fishing in areas with cover. A bottom-fishing setup can get easily snagged. The float rig allows the fish to drift close to the bottom. Adjust the bobber stop to the desired depth and cast upstream. Let the jig drift with the current. As with any jig, be sure to use a bobber stop that you position one to two feet above the bottom.

When selecting a salmon rig, color is an important consideration. The most effective bait is a brightly colored lure. You can also use an in-line flasher to attract fish to your bait. If you are fishing in a larger body of water, choose a larger rod. For the backside, the best lures are colored spoons. You can also use coon shrimp as bait. A cured and dyed shrimp is irresistible to salmon.

Bank Fishing Techniques

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One of the best Salmon fishing techniques is to use a rig that resembles salmon eggs. This technique is great for slow-moving rivers with the current. The lure appears like the eggs are drifting downstream. Its name, the “Bead Setup,” refers to its style. A downrigger with a bead on the bottom looks like a salmon’s egg.

A swivel is used to attach a lure to the mainline. For larger salmon, a 20- to 30-pound-test line is best. For smaller streams, a ten- to the fifteen-pound-test line is sufficient. You can match the speed and depth of the stream with the type of lure you use. In a stream, the search for brightly-colored baits.

A float is an ideal choice for fishing rivers with the bottom cover. The float setup is good to stay at the bottom regardless of water depth. Because you do not attach the bobber to a specific depth, it slides up and down depending on the depth of the water. Because of this, the bait stays at the bottom regardless of the water depth. Afloat setup makes this technique a more effective way to catch Salmon, and it works for all types of rivers.

A plunking rig uses two spreaders and a bead chain with snap swivels to allow the baits to rotate. For rocky bottoms, a six- to ten-ounce lead weight is ideal. For sandy bottoms, a pyramid-type weight is ideal. You should use a dropline that is two feet long. The best monofilament for a rocky bottom is 20 lbs.

Best Knots For Bank Fishing Rigs

Knots for bank fishing

If you want to use your line to catch fish, the best way to rig your rig is by using the best knots. In addition to using a heavy-duty leader, you can also use a small leader to make smaller adjustments. These knots are great for flipping, pitching, and more. You can tie them with a heavy-duty fluorocarbon or braid. They are the best for hook settings because they secure the line around the shaft of the hook, imparting rotational motion to the hook, and making the lure appear like an actual bait.

The Palomar is another popular knot that can be used on a fishing line. This knot is one of the strongest and easiest to tie. It is also the best choice for braided lines. Despite its name, this knot is relatively easy to tie, even in the dark. It is the most versatile and reliable knot. If you want to use a heavy-duty sinker, you should use a snell knot.

Besides the Uni Knot, you can also use the Uni Hook to tie the Superline to your reel. This knot is incredibly versatile. It is also a good option to connect your leader material to your rig. The Uni knot is also an excellent knot to tie around the shank of your hook. It also works for snelling and is a popular knot for rigging a hook. A uni knot is an essential tool for bank anglers.


Salmon fishing requires some knowledge about rigs that will help you catch these beautiful species. There are plenty of rigs that can give you great results. However, make sure to choose according to your specific case and to take into account different factors that will help you choose the best salmon rig for bank fishing.