A small lure is another option that you have to catch trout. They are effective and easy to use when you fish for trout. In this article, you will learn more about the best small lure to catch trout.

The Acme Little Cleo Small Lure

The Acme Little Cleo

If you’re an avid fisherman, you know that one of the best lures available is the Acme Little Cleo. The lures have a wide body and spinning blade that creates a thumping noise when they’re reeled in. This makes them an excellent choice for catching trout in lakes and streams. But how do you know which one is best? Read on to discover the advantages of using this bait to catch trout!

The Little Cleo is a proven brown trout lure. The curved humpback design creates a realistic illusion of a confused baitfish, which has a great chance of attracting trout. The lure is heavy and sinks to the bottom when not fished, which makes it the perfect ice fishing lure. This bait is also highly effective in deeper waters. This spoon can be fished in both warm and cold water.

The Little Cleo is one of the most popular lures to catch trout. It’s a small spoon that’s a true trout magnet. Unlike other spoons, the Little is designed with more attention to detail. It’s shaped like a full-bodied fish, with scales and fins. The lure also comes in a variety of colors and is perfect for fishing in all types of water.

The Blue Fox Vibrax Small Lure

The Blue Fox Vibrax to catch trout

The Blue Fox Vibrax is one of the most popular and effective lures for catching trout. The inline spinner blade imitate several species of forage, including salmon and browns. Its low-frequency vibrations and flash attract the attention of trout and other fish. The blade also keeps the lure low in the water column. The quality design includes three different finishes: fluorescent yellow, translucent orange, and flaw-free silver.

The single barbless hook allows you to release your catch more easily and helps to prevent line twisting. The lure comes in gold and brown colors that are best for fishing across. They are easy to use and are perfect for fishing in slow water. The small sizes are perfect for fishing across. The Vibrax is extremely durable and has great action. It is also easy to clean, and it is perfect for beginners.

When fishing in streams, try casting upstream at 45 degrees. Trout like to rest at various levels of the water column, so you should try fishing high or low. Once you cast, wait for a few seconds before reeling in. When the bait hits the water, the hackle will pulsate, attracting trout. The Rooster Tail is one of the most popular lures for catching trout.

The Rebel Jointed Minnow

The Rebel Jointed Minnow to catch trout

The Rebel Jointed Minnow is an all-purpose fish lure that anglers know commonly as a broken-back minnow. You can use it in several ways. You can slowly retrieve it on top of the water, slow-twitch it erratically, or twitch it erratically below the surface. This soft bait has great fish triggering qualities and is perfect for catching game species.

This minnow has a jointed body, which creates extra action than a solid body lure. It is available in different sizes and colors, so you can use it in a variety of fishing techniques. You can use it slowly on top, slowly below the surface, or erratically beneath the water. Small fish will often attack a bait like this without even noticing it.

The Rebel Jointed Minnow is a powerful bait that you can use to target a variety of fish. These minnows are ideal for lakes and streams where there are many stocked trout. Floating minnows are effective for catching trout in slow or fast water, so you can use them for both fast-moving and still water fishing. You can also try jigging with live bait to target a variety of different species.

Another powerful minnow is the Wordens Rooster Tail. This lure is the classic spinner. It has been a favorite of trout anglers for decades. It has a single blade made of willow and a bucktail skirt, which are typically made from squirrel tails. Lastly, it is highly effective for catching trout because it is made with a high hooking percentage.


These are some of the best small lures to catch trout that you can find in the market. You can try some before finding what suits you the most so you can have the best fishing results. You can learn more about spoon lures in our previous article here.