A spoon lure is a good way to fish for trout. In this article, you will learn more about how to catch trout with spoon lures. Furthermore, you will have a better idea about the best spoon lures and how to use them correctly.

What Are The Best Spoon Lures To Catch Trout? 

Trout spoon lures

The best spoons for catching trout are those that imitate the actions of real baitfish. Because baitfish don’t swim at a steady pace, they sometimes pause and change direction. These pauses are attractive to trout because they pounce. Traditional spoons aren’t as realistic as modern spoon designs. Luckily, there are several ways to simulate a fish’s action by twitching your rod.

A spoon with a single hook is often the best choice when you’re fishing for trout. A weedless spoon, such as the Johnson Silver Minnow, is perfect for trout ponds. This type of spoon is great for shallow waters and is also available in a variety of colors. Kastmaster spoons are popular for their flashy action, but can also be effective when trout are ambushed.

A spoon with an attractive color scheme and swimming action is a must-have for serious fishermen. The popular Acme Kastmaster is the original spoon designed for trout, but there is a lower-priced alternative called the Southbend Kastaway. Regardless of your budget, these are essential lures for serious fishers. These spoons come in a variety of colors, so choose the one that best fits the water you’re fishing in.

Choosing a spoon for trout fishing depends on your specific situation. You’ll need to find a fish’s habitat and work your lure with the help of your rod. Try different retrieve styles and speed your bait to attract sleepy fish. If none of these tactics works, try a different color or spoon. Once you find the spoon that’s right for the particular fish you’re trying to catch, you’re likely to have a catch!

How To Rig A Spoon Lure?

Rig a spoon lure

A well-rigged spoon can be fished under a variety of conditions. It can be vertically jigged in flooded timber, used to count down to a suspended fish, or used to hop off the bottom like a baitfish. Depending on the type of water you are fishing, you can also rig the spoon for use near bridge pilings or mid-lake areas. During the summer, bass will move away from shore cover and concentrate in deeper waters near rocky points and bluffs. A good lure for this situation is a spoon with a sinker or trailer, so you can easily adjust the depth of the bottom.

Once you’ve selected your lure, you need to rig it correctly. This means you need to use a free-spool reel and a slackline. Once you’ve rigged your spoon correctly, the next step is to let it sink to the appropriate depth. After you’ve cast your spoon, you need to wait for it to reach the desired depth, and then reel it back in.

When rigging your spoon lure, you need to keep the water temperature consistent. Darker colors are more visible to the morning sun, and light-colored spoons won’t catch as much attention. Ensure you keep the bait in the thermocline by tying split rings around the hook. A barrel swivel is the best choice for rigging a spoon as it allows it to turn and twist with the fish.

How To Catch Trout With Spoon Lures?

catch trout with spoon lures

So you want to learn how to catch trout with spoon lures. First of all, you must know where and when to use them. For best results, you should fish in shallower waters and mid-lake areas. In flooded timber, the spoon can help you locate the suspended fish. Set up directly upstream of the hole, disengage the anti-reverse on your reel, and then back-reel your spoon. The spoon will flutter down into the sweet spot and attract bass. It is especially deadly in holes with ceilings or rocky points.

The next step in how to catch trout with spoon lures is to learn how to cast them correctly. Unlike worms, spoons are more sensitive than flies, and you need to cast them over a lot of water to get a strike. Remember to always keep the line taut so that you can feel when the lure stops sinking. The reason you need to keep the line taut is so that you know when the baitfish darts away from the lure.

You can try using spoons from shore as they cast further than other lures. However, you should learn how to retrieve the lure for optimal results. To catch more trout, you must reel the spoon slowly and gently. If you want to attract big fish, you should slowly flutter the spoon during the reeling process. When fishing with spoons, you must remember to fish at a low speed while fluttering the spoon.


Spoon lures are definitely a great way to catch trout. Remember to make the perfect rig so you can have the best results.