Anglers like to have the best lures to catch trout. Indeed, having the best lures is essential to succeed in trout fishing. The case is valid for topwater. In this article, you will learn more about the best topwater trout lures.

Choose The Right One

Topwater Trout Lures

Choosing topwater trout lures can be a challenge, but there are several things you need to keep in mind. Here are a few of them. They should be durable and have good action, and they should have treble hooks. If you aren’t sure which hooks to use, check the manufacturers’ specifications, and make your own decision. A treble hook can last in saltwater and should not easily be removed.

When choosing topwater trout lures, remember that color is an important factor. Some colors attract fish better than others, so go with those that match the color of the water. For example, if you’re trying to catch brook trout, a frog with a silver belly will be more effective than one with a gold belly. In any case, frogs are the best choice for topwater fishing.

If you’re fishing in clear water, choose a topwater lure that has a large silver belly. Poppers are a great topwater lure, as they create splashing at the surface and are easy to pause during retrieval. Fish like to strike during this time. If you’re fishing at night, a mouse-imitation topwater lure is ideal. The size and color of the frog will attract trout that are most active at night. A light-colored frog with a silver belly will attract the most attention. Slower retrieve speeds are also beneficial, as they give the trout more time to key on the bait.

How To Use Topwater Lures To Catch Lures?

Topwater Trout Lures

Using topwater lures to catch trout can be both fun and productive. It is the perfect technique when specks and pups are cruising the bottom. It continues into the summer daylight and is a perfect choice when mullet minnows are beginning to come out of creeks. As a bonus, topwater fishing is a fun and fast-paced hobby.

When choosing topwater lures, choose a lure that imitates a mouse or frog. The most effective lure for trout is a large, brightly colored imitation of a mouse or frog. These types of baits can be big and very realistic. You can also choose to fish them during nighttime by using light colors. Make sure you slow your retrieve speed so that the fish have ample time to target your bait.

Unlike most other types of fishing lures, topwater lures have a specific job to do. They are designed to imitate clumsy, dying baitfish. The over-zealous feeding instinct of trout makes them more likely to bite topwater lures. They can also be quite large and can be a real eye-catching lure. If you choose a large, bulky mouse imitation, remember to use a slow retrieve speed so the fish can lock onto your fish.

Best Topwater Trout Lures

Topwater Trout Lures

There are several types of Topwater Trout Lures in the market. Some of them are more effective than others, depending on their size and purpose. The most popular ones are the Knuckle Heads, which come with one joint between the body and the head. This creates a unique action and sound that attract the fish. The cupped mouth also pops like a baitfish, making them highly effective for catching trout.

For the most effective jigging, there are a few tips to remember. One of the most important things is to know what size trout you are fishing for. A metal spoon can be one of the best topwater lures, especially if you can jig it vertically. Then you can twitch and flick the spoon to attract the fish. It will take time for the fish to hit the lure, so the size of the bait should be based on the species.

Whether you’re targeting a large or small speckled trout, there’s a topwater lure designed to attract them. The Arbogast Hula Popper has been around for more than 60 years and inspired dozens of topwater lures. It has a cupped face that makes it very attractive to fish, and it produces a loud “bloop” sound and bubble trail in the water. Its great color scheme and exposed treble hooks make it a popular choice with anglers.


There are plenty of topwater trout lures that can give you great results. You can definitely experience some before finding what suits them best. For instance, the Knuckle Heads is a good and popular one to start with to catch trout in topwater.