Trout fishing is an interesting sport that required many tools. Baits and lures are ones that make anglers think and choose carefully. In this article, you will learn more about the best trout fishing with salmon eggs.

What Kind Of Trout Can Be Caught With Salmon Eggs?

Trout fishing

You can catch many different kinds of trout using salmon eggs. They attract a variety of species and are a great option for beginners. Salmon eggs are the most common natural bait used for catching trout. Some types of fish have a specific preference for salmon or trout eggs. You can choose from a variety of eggs to catch different kinds of fish. Some people use a mix of both.

While most anglers have their preferred jar of salmon eggs, some new varieties have emerged. Premium (Red Label) and Green Label salmon eggs are two staples that have been popular bait for many years. While all varieties are real salmon eggs, different colors will work better in different conditions. Chartreuse Garlic and Red label salmon eggs were introduced in 2016 and are quickly becoming the most popular salmon eggs among fly fishermen.

While salmon eggs are generally preferred by trout over other types of flies and lures, they are not completely incompatible with other baits. Crappie, bass, and catfish will also take salmon eggs, but they are not likely to eat them. Regardless of the type of lure, salmon eggs are an excellent choice for cold-water fishing.

How Do You Fish For Trout With Salmon Eggs?

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When you’re fishing for trout with salmon eggs, your first consideration is where to place the indicator. It’s a simple concept. Place an indicator one-and-a-half times the water depth. For example, if the river is three feet deep, you’d place the indicator four-and-a-half feet above the lead fly. If you see a large bump in the water, lower the weight of the indicator a little to get the fish to bite. If the bobber doesn’t tick the bottom, increase its weight to entice the trout to take your fly.

The first thing to do is find salmon eggs. There are many sources of these, and you can use them to add color to your rig. Red salmon eggs are not as effective as pink or natural salmon eggs, as trout become used to the red ones and become less likely to strike the lure. But if you’re fishing for brook trout, you’ll want to fish with pink or natural salmon egg colors. These are more likely to attract a larger size fish and will be more palatable to the larger species.

The second method is water curing. This method is the simplest and most common and involves a river. You’ll need a large bucket or mesh laundry bag. A small piece of mesh material will do the trick. Alternatively, you can buy a special type of roe bag and attach the eggs to the inside of the sack. Then, you’ll need to fill a plastic roe bag with the eggs. Make sure to drain the sack afterward, or you’ll have to start over from scratch.

Fishing Tips and tricks

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You should prepare for the fish to bite on your rig by tying the salmon egg on a single hook. It can be tied with a double knot or a Uni to Uni knot. To use a single hook, place a red salmon egg at the point of each hook. A single hook is easier to work with because the bobber will be lower than the water. To use a split shot, place the split shot on a larger one and hook it with another one. Tie a double or triple knot at the point of the treble hook.

To catch the fish, choose a medium to fast action rod and a light-duty spinning reel. Cast into slow run-in water to get the fish to hit the bait. Smaller rivers often have deep pools that hold a large stock of salmon. While spawning, salmon will eat the eggs. When using salmon eggs, make sure you choose the right size and scent. The size of the float should be the same as the salmon egg.

Salmon eggs come in a variety of brands. When choosing a brand, be sure to check the quality. Look for firm and translucent eggs. Fluorescent red eggs are the best color, but whitish or cheese-yellow eggs can also work. And if you have to choose between orange and whitish, try going for the red ones. And don’t forget about the roe. It’s also a good idea to have several jars on hand if you’re fishing in a large body of water.


Salmon eggs are a good choice to catch trout. Remember to make the right rig so you can have the best trout fishing results with salmon eggs.