Brown trout is a type of trout that many anglers like to target. Many wonder what does Brown trout eat? In this article, we answer this question and discuss some of the best bait to catch Brown trout.

What Does Brown Trout Eat?

 Brown Trout

There are two basic types of food that brown trout eat: crustaceans and larger animals. The former is the most common type of prey, and they are found all over the world. The latter is less common, but still a favorite of the fish. Crustaceans feed on small insects but may also eat larger prey like mice and water voles. There are endless varieties of crustaceans and smaller animals that are available to brown trout.

Brown trout are carnivorous, feeding on animal protein. In some rivers, they also eat nymphs and larvae of other fish. These insects are the main source of food for adult brown trout. Trout migrate to streams to spawn, and they eat the eggs before they hatch. The eggs are also a favorite food of browns. Their diets are so diverse that they are sometimes considered opportunistic feeders.

Sculpins are another major source of food for trout. Sculpins have large pectoral fins and rest on the bottom of a river. They feed on small fish, including nymphs and freshwater shrimp. Insects and snails are also common sources of food for brown trout. They are a major food source for brown trout. They are often the first fish to attack other species of trout, and they are an important part of the ecosystem.

Brown Trout Night Feeding

Fish don’t necessarily feed in the dark, but large brown trout will occasionally bite a frog or other small insect. These small fish are more than enough to keep them full and help them grow. They also eat a lot of food, which means they consume more calories per meal than they expend. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Even if you don’t catch big browns at night, you can still catch them at night.

You can find predatory brown trout in shallow waters during the day. They will cruise the shallows and hold in deeper water to look for prey. For the best odds of catching them at night, look for holes with deep stretches of slack water. Whether it is a spring, lake, or river, these creatures like transitional water, and they’re usually more active at night.

You can also catch predatory browns during the night. They typically cruise shallow waters during the day and hold in deeper water to hunt for their prey. If you’re fishing for them at night, focus on areas with transitional water between deeper holes and stretches of slack water. You can find these big brown trout in slack water near rocks, ledges, or undercut banks.

Best Baits To Catch Brown Trout

 Brown Trout Baits

The best bait to catch brown trout is a rattling spoon, and the right size is very important. You can also try a small plastic worm if you don’t want to use live bait. Larger lakes like Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes are great for troll fishing, and the larger size X Raps are often used. This lure has been proven to work well in the past and is still one of the best choices for many anglers.

The single best bait for brown trout fishing is an earthworm. These are easy to find and can be tied onto single or treble hooks with a split shot 1-2 ft above the hook. You can buy earthworms at a store that sells fishing supplies. You can also try minnows, leeches, wax worms, and crickets. Lastly, you can also fish using a slip float rigged with a trout fly. If you have some experience with live bait, you can work the live bait in the middle and upper water column.

When angling for brown trout, live bait is the best choice. Live bait is the most effective way to catch these fish, and some waters even ban the use of live bait. However, if you are fishing in a freshwater stream, a minnow that moves and is lively is the perfect choice for a hungry brown trout. If you are using live bait, you will have a better chance of catching the fish.


Brown trout is an interesting fish that eat crustaceans and larger animals. At night they may eat small insects. If you want to catch Brown trout, worms are a good choice to have a good fishing day. Finally, if you want to know more about other trout types feeding, you can check out our article about what do trout eat.